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Get the best out of your vehicle

2014-08-13 04:33:45

DPF repair



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2014-08-13 04:33:51

Cutting-edge DPF repair services

Ensure your car runs safely and efficiently with DPF repair. No engine lights, no warning messages; your vehicle will perform better than it ever did before. Mark Lightfoot Ltd use the latest vehicle electronic equipment to offer you unique services and the best results for particulate filter faults without fail. DPF repair requires a very complex and sophisticated method which you won’t find just anywhere - and that's why we have invested a large amount of money to be able to provide it to you.

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Why have your DPF repaired?

Over time, a blocked DPF can be hugely detrimental to the performance and condition of your vehicle. Particulate filter faults can even cause blown engines and turbos in extreme cases. Mark Lightfoot Ltd can help you by modifying the DPF to ensure your vehicle runs as it should.

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Will your car run better?

In short, yes. The engine will be able to ‘breathe’ much better than it ever did before. You will quickly notice that fuel economy is improved, with no risk of future engine issues as a result of a blocked DPF. No more expensive additive fill ups, no more faulty DPF related components to pay for: just reliability and peace of mind.

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Can any diesel car have its DPF repaired?

In order to be able to carry out a DPF repair in the first place, a huge amount of money must be spent on electronic tooling. Many other businesses offering this service are only doing so to maximise profits and will happily take on a DPF repair job on a car they know full well they can’t effectively re-flash. At Mark Lightfoot Ltd, we specialise in this and can 100% guarantee that we will carry out the job using the best procedure and the most expensive and reliable software available. We also offer full technical support and can repair the DPF and re-flash the ECU on even the most modern cars currently on the market.

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Can you afford it?

Unlike a lot of other businesses offering this service, we charge a reasonable price. Having your DPF repaired will eventually pay for itself in the long run and is much cheaper than replacing it with a new one. You also make your money back with improved fuel economy, saving a significant amount on fuel bills. Not only that but your car will perform much better - and once we have repaired your DPF, you never have to think about it again.

Where are we?

Visit our garage in Ilkeston, Derbyshire today!

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